BIOTECH INDIA’s main goal is sustainable and eco-friendly means of income generation. We want to promote development and income generation without destroying the surrounding ecosystem and protecting mother nature. BIOTECH INDIA’s R&D team is always striving for better methods and products to help you to do this. We have realized that lack of knowledge and support are the prime reasons that detour people from sustainable models of Waste management, Green energy generation, Cultivation and Farming.

To bridge this gap, we have introduced our online courses and support forums that help people take up the green and sustainable road. Our course materials are self learning and easy to understand helping everyone who take up the sustainable model of income generation.

Every course on   is designed and developed by experienced course authors. If you want to master a specific career skill, consider joining a specialized courses. You will able to select different courses, and earn a specialization certificate.

Skillstudies Provides :

  1. Online courses open to everyone.
  2. Learn a new skill in 3 months
  3. Earn a course certificate
  4. To get a job easier

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