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BIOTECH INDIA , a synonym for ENVIRONMENT, ENERGY, POWER, ECO-FRIENDLINESS, HYGIENE ,HEALTH and AGRICULTURE has been established in 1994, even though its activities originated long before in the early eighties. BIOTECH is engaged in the implementation, promotion, popularization and research in Bio-Waste Management, Renewable Energy, Energy Conservation, Organic farming, Aquaponics and Sustainable Agriculture. More information about BIOTECH INDIA is available at

BIOTECH INDIA launches Online and short term courses through SKILLSTUDIES.COM to popularize the importance of green technologies to the peoples in different parts of the world. The course content of each course has been developed from the practical experience gained from the field level application of different technologies. The course may be a guideline for the beginners as well as those who are actively involved in environmental protection, green energy generation and sustainable agriculture programmes.

SKILLSTUDIES.COM is an educational hub for the public to those who are looking to learn new skills related to sustainable development. This is an excellent platform to look into if you're planning on working in environment friendly projects.

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The demand for the generation of renewable energy through the application of green technology is increasing day by day. Lots of people are interested to study about different green energy technologies.

With the advancement of information technology any one can study the different courses and its application online. The courses are structured and scheduled to allow a balance in fulfilling work life and study . Depending on the need and depth of upskilling, students can opt different courses. The study materials will be accessible online for study anywhere in the world according to the convenience of the student. There are different modules available for the completion of each courses in a systematic way.